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3 ways that having a human bookkeeper can make your life easier

Hiring a trained bookkeeper ensures that your money is being managed correctly and that nasty surprises don’t catch you off guard.

Let’s face it—as a business owner, you have to wear a lot of hats throughout your day to get everything done. Managing everything from employees to website maintenance can be exhausting and time-consuming. One area of business that takes a lot of time and attention for many business owners is bookkeeping and accounting. There are plenty of third-party services that try to simplify the process of bookkeeping but ultimately, they still leave everything on your plate. Having a real-life human bookkeeper helps you stay organized through their experience, personability, and adaptability.

Someone who knows what they’re doing

At the very least, having a human bookkeeper takes one more thing off your shoulders so you can get by without the stress of your finances weighing quite so heavily. At best, you get someone on your team who handles your finances and works with you so well that you can get your business up on its feet and see the success of your efforts. Hiring a trained bookkeeper helps you manage your money and avoid surprises that can catch you off guard.

Additionally, having another set of eyes (especially trained eyes) on your finances decreases the number of mistakes that could occur. When you have looked at the same documents over and over again by yourself, it becomes easy to miss something that may not look incorrect at first glance. Having someone on your team who is trained in bookkeeping helps reduce these occurrences, so you have fewer bumps in the road on your way to a successful business.

Human bookkeeper instead of an online bot

We have all seen the tiny chat box with a stock image of a person that probably doesn’t really exist. Luckily, when you have a real, human bookkeeper, you do not have to worry about waiting in an endless queue for a response from someone who may not even have your answer.

In the largely virtual world we live in now, many of us have learned the value that comes from actual human interaction and connection. Luckily, we live in a time period where we have the opportunity to stay connected even at a distance. Working with an actual person remotely completely changes the experience of doing your bookkeeping online as it becomes an experience with an actual person messaging and calling you back.

Customizable bookkeeping

In a traditional, strictly online system for bookkeeping, you have no choice but to use what is offered to you. There is always the chance that the software you choose does not work with your business or that you simply do not find it intuitive or easy to use. With an actual human bookkeeper, you are much more likely to avoid this problem. Any qualified bookkeeper should be able to adjust their methods to your specific business and its particular needs. Being able to customize how you view your data and the ability to have your finances explained to you by your bookkeeper is an invaluable tool that potentially saves you time and money.

KPMG Spark - a dedicated bookkeeper and online accounting system

Working with a human bookkeeper allows you to focus on other important aspects of your business, knowing your finances are in good hands. With KPMG Spark, you get the best of both worlds. Our services give all the benefits of having a human bookkeeper and an online solution. We provide a dedicated bookkeeper and CPA who are experienced, helpful, and adaptable. This, combined with our one of a kind software, provides the optimal experience for doing your bookkeeping on the go. Schedule a consult by calling us at 1-855-777-7696 to see how our bookkeepers can help you with your business!


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