For CPA Firms, and Accounting Practices

Get Books Done Early

KPMG Spark's real-time bookkeeping takes the stress out of tax season, and frees you up to provide higher value, higher margin services to your clients.

Tax-ready books

Imagine eliminating the stress and added cost of last-minute bookkeeping around tax season. This is what inspired us to build a system that harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence to do the heavy lifting of categorizing and manage your clients' books. So when tax season arrives, your clients' books are in order, and you are able to combine bookkeeping and tax preparation in a more efficient way.

Real-time insights into client accounts

KPMG Spark gives you real-time visibility into client accounts throughout the year. This frees your firm from the headaches of monthly reconciliation, and empowers you to be more proactive for your clients.

Provide higher value, higher margin services

Once you eliminate the added headaches of last-minute bookkeeping, you are free to focus on providing higher margin services to your clients. You can take the man-hours that you've freed up, and devote them to offering you clients more time and attention. Check out our savings calculator to see how KPMG Spark can save you money and free up resources.

Grow your business

Growing your business is easier, and more profitable on a per-client basis when you use KPMG Spark's real-time bookkeeping and online accounting platform. You will be able to provide better service to more clients, all while increasing your deal flow.

Increase profits and supercharge your accounting practice with KPMG Spark.