For CPA Firms, and Accounting Practices

How the Service Works: Co-branded Outsourced Accounting Solution

KPMG Spark is eager to work with your CPA firm to build co-branded materials and will reach out to your practice when opportunities to co-market arise. Our goal is to benefit your firm through these activities in order to help you stand out and attract more ideal clients.

Co-Branded Solution

We respect that every firm has its own way of doing business and that the relationships you’ve built with your clients are paramount in value. Our goal is to be a resource to your team members first and foremost. Our co-branded solution allows you to brand KPMG Spark's innovative cloud accounting software with your own logo - enhancing your ability to grow your CPA firm’s reputation and foster client relationships while leaning on our accounting software and service.

Sales Assistance

At KPMG Spark, we’re eager to work with your firm to build co-branded marketing materials and will reach out to your firm when opportunities to co-market arise. Our goal is to enable your CPA firm to stand out and attract more ideal clients. In doing this, Spark can offer support on sales calls using our comprehensive sales playbook. We can also provide emails and other materials to your firm that will help make introductions to clients easier.

Accounting Support as you Scale

Whether your firm’s goal is to be boutique and grow a high value low volume book of business, or you want to scale to 1000+ clients, our goal is the same. KPMG Spark wants to take the overwhelming work that accountants are overqualified to do off your plate, so that you can focus your time and energy towards strengthening relationships with your clients. Ultimately, our services can help make your practice offerings and pricing more scalable as your clients grow. We can expand offerings into new areas and align you with the KPMG Spark team to get additional accounting support for both your CPA firm and clients as you scale. Our goal isn’t to compete with smaller firms, but to collaborate with them, and offer the experience and resources of one of the largest firms in the world to support as you scale.