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KPMG Spark provides accounting practices with a scalable outsourced accounting solution that allows you to focus on growing a practice you are passionate about.

KPMG Spark’s platform for CPA firms helped us increase efficiency and profit, while serving more clients.

Grow Your Accounting Practice with KPMG Spark (Outsourced Accounting)

Utilize a Bookkeeping Solution that Enhances the Client Experience and Scales Alongside Your Firm

An accounting firm’s greatest value stems from the trust built with its clients. KPMG Spark offers a bookkeeping solution that allows firms to focus on what’s important: strengthening client relationships, providing accurate insights, and offering strategic advice. A scalable solution, KPMG Spark can be implemented without the need for additional team members or training burden.

Offer Higher-Value Accounting Services

Leave behind time-intensive bookkeeping to focus on higher-margin services. When bookkeeping is managed by KPMG Spark, firms are empowered to add advisory services to their offerings. Recurring, year-round work is what allows firms to say “yes” to more clients and gain the flexibility to say “no” when it’s not a perfect fit. A firm’s knowledge is elevated when complemented with the clean data that KPMG Spark provides.

A Full-Service Accounting Solution

Some firms find managing and training bookkeepers to be agonizing, and bookkeeping positions tend to have a high rate of turnover due to staff burnout. KPMG Spark is US-based and staffed by a team of KPMG bookkeepers and CPAs who are assisted by intelligent technology. Our bookkeepers provide a full-service outsourced bookkeeping solution without disrupting the client relationships that firms work hard to maintain. KPMG Spark is flexible and can be tailored to fit a firm’s specific needs - even offering co-branded solutions and customized reporting, for example.

A Trusted and Credible Outsourced Accounting Solution

KPMG Spark understands the needs of the accounting industry from every angle. We have a deep level of experience and the skills needed to bring innovative solutions to accounting professionals. We’re not a software company - we’re a technology-enabled accounting service from KPMG.

Our goal is to work with growing firms that want to provide a truly supportive client experience. Schedule a discovery call to learn how KPMG Spark can support your practice.

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