For CPA Firms, and Accounting Practices

Technology and Service Platform for CPA Firms

KPMG Spark combines powerful accounting software and the unmatched service, insight and support that you would expect from KPMG, with scalable pricing that grows with your business.

We take care of the software, you take care of your clients

We designed a platform that automates your bookkeeping so that you can focus on increasing your level of service to your clients. By partnering with us, you will get KPMG's world-class support and service, at a reasonable, scalable price structure that will surprise you.

The key to supercharging your accounting practice with Spark is our real time bookkeeping service. Once you set up your client accounts, our cloud-based platform automatically ingests and analyzes accounts, and performs bookkeeping in real time. This frees you up to focus on higher-margin client activities, and reduces tax season stress.

Components available in KPMG Spark

  • Real time bookkeeping
  • An online accounting dashboard that lets CPA firms see a snapshot of their clients’ operations and track historic trends
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet
  • General ledger
  • Expenses
  • Payroll integration
  • Invoicing
  • Billing

Compatible with over 20,000 financial institutions and accounts

KPMG Spark makes it easy for you to seamlessly and securely link your clients' bank accounts, credit cards, and other third party integrators to the Spark platform. The Spark ledger includes transactions from each financial institution used by your clients to ensure no transactions are missed.

Increase profits and supercharge your accounting practice with KPMG Spark.