For CPA Firms, and Accounting Practices

How Our Relationship Works

CPA firms are often overwhelmed by the volume of inbound and outbound communication with clients, which is why we’ve made it a priority to develop proactive communication functionality into our accounting software. Our mission is always to design and enhance our communication features to amplify client engagement while minimizing the impact of unnecessary messages in firm inboxes.

Communication is up to You

We know that accountants are bombarded with poor communication, and we’re building into our platform ways to make it better and eliminate unnecessary communications entirely. We know this will make CPA firms more efficient, client relationships stronger, and allow your firm to focus on what really matters: expanding your services and building better client relationships.

Bookkeeping Support | Bookkeeping Questions

KPMG Spark has the backing of one of the world’s largest accounting firms behind them. As a result, we have access to technical, training, and operational resources powering the services we offer and we can share these resources with accounting firms to help them from a practice development perspective. We are willing to listen to your firm and build out a resource library based on your input and provide you with access to consulting and accounting research from inside KPMG, much like an alliance would.

KPMG Spark understands the needs of accounting firms.

We have a deep level of experience and the skills needed to bring innovative solutions to accounting professionals. We’re not a software company - we’re a technology-enabled accounting service from KPMG.

Our goal is to work with growing firms that want to provide a truly supportive client experience. Schedule a discovery call to learn how KPMG Spark can support your practice.