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Streamlined Business Licensing

Applying for a business license can be a daunting endeavor when you first start a new business, and renewing business licenses can be just as much of a headache once you’re already established. With so many types of licenses to track, it can be all too easy to forget deadlines or get inundated with a sea of paperwork. Our goal at KPMG Spark is to help make your business operations as seamless as possible. Let us take care of any required business licensing paperwork and filing duties, so you can focus on growing your business.

Small Business Licensing Handled Fast

Clients who enroll in the KPMG Spark business licensing additional service package are able to tap into the full power of the KPMG knowledge base. Our experienced team is well versed in navigating business license filing requirements at the local and state levels. First, they’ll schedule a call with you to identify your business filing needs, which may include anything from renewing a business license to applying for a new business license. After your consultation, we’ll tackle the paperwork using the information that we already have on file as a KPMG Spark bookkeeping client. Our streamlined process results in less disruption to your daily business responsibilities, a quicker business filing timeline, and peace of mind that your business licenses will be executed correctly.

Business Licensing: The Benefits of Outsourcing

The process for business licensing may look simple at first glance, but requirements can vary greatly by state, county, and local municipality. Submitting a business license can quickly get confusing and overwhelming. Business owners gain the following benefits by outsourcing business licensing as an extension of their KPMG Spark bookkeeping service:

Faster Business Filing

We help businesses navigate the business licensing process every day. Our experienced professionals will execute and submit your paperwork quickly and accurately, so you can get your business license in a timely manner.

Personalized Recommendations

Your dedicated KPMG Spark bookkeeper already knows your business inside and out. They can connect you with internal specialists to advise on the appropriate licenses for your business, and they already have your information on hand to get any required forms completed efficiently.

Never Miss a Business License Renewal Deadline

Small business owners run a mile a minute – it’s easy for renewal deadlines to get lost in the shuffle. With the KPMG Spark business licensing add on service, our team will keep track of all renewal deadlines, proactively bring them to your attention, and submit the paperwork on your behalf, so you never miss an important filing date.

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Business Licensing FAQ

Do I need to be a KPMG Spark bookkeeping customer to get help with business licensing?

Yes, this additional service is only available to KPMG Spark bookkeeping clients. Need to sign up? Visit to learn more.

Will KPMG Spark submit business licensing paperwork on my behalf?

Yes, we can facilitate form submissions.

Does KPMG Spark handle both state and local business licenses?

Yes, we are able to arrange licensing paperwork for both local and state licenses.

I already have a business license. Can KPMG Spark handle my renewals?

Yes, we’ll handle your business license renewals, so you don’t have to remember the deadlines.

Can KPMG Spark counsel me on which business license to file?

Yes, our certified tax professionals can provide advice regarding the appropriate filing type for your business and unique tax situation.

Can KPMG Spark submit business licenses in all 50 states?

Yes, we can prepare business licenses in all 50 states in the US.

Additional services are also available, including: