The Second Pillar of Managed Accounting:

Smart Automation Technology

Make monthly account reconciliation a thing of the past. Our unique and powerful automated accounting technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to categorize expenses in real time, so you can save major time and focus your attention on decisions instead of data entry.

Maximize Your Potential with Accounting Automation Technology

Today’s business environment moves in real time. Your financial data should, too. When you have KPMG Spark, account reconciliation happens in real time. Our proprietary platform automatically identifies how an expense should be categorized and files it away accordingly. And since automation is all the more powerful with a human at the helm, your virtual bookkeeper ensures that all automatic filing is accurate and helps the technology to learn your business as time progresses. It’s all the time-saving power of AI, with the watchful eyes of a trained bookkeeping professional.

Accounting Automation Frees Up Hours For Higher Value Activities

Imagine a world in which you are free of the minutia required to run a successful business. When previously time-intensive tasks (such as expense categorization and invoicing) are streamlined using accounting automation, you’re empowered to reallocate those hours to more productive tasks – like creating a plan for expansion to a new location, or financial forecasting to justify hiring additional employees. Because the technology updates the KPMG Spark platform in real time, up-to-date and in-depth financial reporting is ready for you to examine it whenever and wherever you prefer.

The Three Pillars of Managed Accounting with KPMG Spark

The KPMG Spark managed accounting solution actually helps you do less while completing more by leveraging three important pillars.

Your Own Virtual Bookkeeper

Cloud-based bookkeeping is made better with a trusted bookkeeper on your team. Our managed accounting system comes with a virtual bookkeeper to manage day-to-day data entry, oversee the automation process, and help keep your books up to date. Reach out to your bookkeeper anytime you have questions about line items, or even for deeper tax advice.

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Smart Automation Technology

Smart AI streamlines the data entry process and augments your bookkeepers’ capabilities. Our proprietary system uses machine learning to automate the bookkeeping process, freeing up time for higher value tasks. The result is a real-time snapshot of your financials available at your fingertips, anytime.

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Accounting Software Reimagined

Communicate with your bookkeeper within a powerful, easy-to-use platform designed to scale alongside your business. More than a DIY accounting system, KPMG Spark handles all account reconciliation for you so you can access updated financial reporting any day of the week.

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