The Third Pillar of Managed Accounting:

Bookkeeping Software Reimagined

Streamline your bookkeeping with managed accounting software. Get an instant financial snapshot of your accounts, easily communicate with your dedicated virtual bookkeeper, and access real time financial reports any day of the week. When your books are consistently up to date and financial communication is all in one place, informed decision making is just a click away.

Say Goodbye to Online Bookkeeping Software Overwhelm

At KPMG Spark, our online bookkeeping portal is easy to navigate and even easier to use as a guidepost for critical business decisions. When you log into the KPMG Spark portal, you’ll see a custom dashboard with real-time reporting on all of your business’ most important financial metrics. Because data entry is already taken care of for you by your virtual bookkeeper, hours spent reconciling accounts is a thing of the past. Instantly review and download a range of custom reports with in-depth information about your financial picture at any time – always up to date and available on demand whenever you need it.

Streamlined Online Bookkeeping Software for Faster Communication

Time is a precious, finite resource for business owners. Our bookkeeping software was designed with efficiency in mind, with everything in one location to save hours in your day. Within your custom dashboard, you’ll see a high level snapshot of your company’s financial performance, as well as a dedicated portal where you can easily communicate with your bookkeeper. Questions are easily asked and answered all in one place – no more digging through inboxes to retrieve information, or waiting days to hear back from your bookkeeper. 

As your business expands, KPMG Spark clients can take advantage of the broader KPMG network of services to save time and resources across a range of business functions. We offer everything from facilitating access to payroll services to full service accounting, even state and federal tax preparation from some of the best tax professionals worldwide.

The Three Pillars of Managed Accounting with KPMG Spark

The KPMG Spark managed accounting solution actually helps you do less while completing more by leveraging three important pillars.

Your Own Virtual Bookkeeper

Cloud-based bookkeeping is made better with a trusted bookkeeper on your team. Our managed accounting system comes with a virtual bookkeeper to manage day-to-day data entry, oversee the automation process, and help keep your books up to date. Reach out to your bookkeeper anytime you have questions about line items, or even for deeper tax advice.

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Smart Automation Technology

Smart AI streamlines the data entry process and augments your bookkeepers’ capabilities. Our proprietary system uses machine learning to automate the bookkeeping process, freeing up time for higher value tasks. The result is a real-time snapshot of your financials available at your fingertips, anytime.

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Accounting Software Reimagined

Communicate with your bookkeeper within a powerful, easy-to-use platform designed to scale alongside your business. More than a DIY accounting system, KPMG Spark handles all account reconciliation for you so you can access updated financial reporting any day of the week.

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