The Third Pillar of Managed Accounting:

Your Own Virtual Bookkeeper

Get all the benefits of online accounting, with human help to oversee the entire process. We pair each of our clients with one of our trained virtual bookkeepers who learns the nuances of your unique business, handles day-to-day bookkeeping tasks, and helps you get the most out of your accounting software every step of the way.

Virtual Bookkeepers for Better Outcomes

Online bookkeeping can be time consuming and frustrating to navigate. It’s common to fall behind on account reconciliation, which in turn makes it difficult to use financial data to your company’s full advantage. With KPMG Spark, you don’t have to go it alone. Each of our clients is assigned a bookkeeper who oversees daily data management and functions as a true extension of your team. Your bookkeeper will review automated expense categorizations for accuracy, proactively address any discrepancies, and consistently communicate with you to help your books remain up to date.

Virtual Bookkeeping Assistance When You Need It Most

While navigating the KPMG Spark platform is fairly intuitive, your virtual bookkeeper will work closely with you to help you use all capabilities to your advantage. There’s no spending hours on hold or dealing with a revolving door of customer support staff when you have a question about the platform. With KPMG Spark, you have one consistent point of contact who knows your business well and is already familiar with your needs.

Because our staff are true specialists, your bookkeeper can even advise you on detailed questions about accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes. And if they can’t find the best answer to your question, they can tap into the extensive resources of the KPMG network (home to over 30,000 specialists in the US alone).

The Three Pillars of Managed Accounting with KPMG Spark

The KPMG Spark managed accounting solution actually helps you do less while completing more by leveraging three important pillars.

Your Own Virtual Bookkeeper

Cloud-based bookkeeping is made better with a trusted bookkeeper on your team. Our managed accounting system comes with a virtual bookkeeper to manage day-to-day data entry, oversee the automation process, and help keep your books up to date. Reach out to your bookkeeper anytime you have questions about line items, or even for deeper tax advice.

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Smart Automation Technology

Smart AI streamlines the data entry process and augments your bookkeepers’ capabilities. Our proprietary system uses machine learning to automate the bookkeeping process, freeing up time for higher value tasks. The result is a real-time snapshot of your financials available at your fingertips, anytime.

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Accounting Software Reimagined

Communicate with your bookkeeper within a powerful, easy-to-use platform designed to scale alongside your business. More than a DIY accounting system, KPMG Spark handles all account reconciliation for you so you can access updated financial reporting any day of the week.

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Learn More About Working With A Virtual Bookkeeper

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