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Tax Preparation Services

At KPMG Spark, we know accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping is only the first step to positioning your business for success. That’s why we also offer full service tax preparation of both business and personal tax returns, offering a more efficient and less stressful process for our clients at tax time, and all the time.

When you engage KPMG Spark to provide tax preparation services, you tap into the power of the robust KPMG organization of experience and resources. As part of a top global accounting firm, KPMG Spark tax professionals are in a competitive position to help you successfully navigate any changes to the tax code. With the right team in place looking out for your best interests and proactively helping you to prepare for ever-evolving tax laws, your business will be in a better position to thrive.

Working with a KPMG Spark Tax Professional

Working with a KPMG Spark tax professional is like having a CPA in your corner all year round. Because your bookkeeping and tax preparation is all handled under one roof, your KPMG tax professional is able to monitor your current books and alert you to potential tax implications throughout the year – not just as tax time, after it’s too late to make smart decisions.

If you have a tax question anytime throughout the year, your CPA is here to help! With access to a broad network of subject matter leaders on Capital Hill and within your state, they’ll work to find the answer on your behalf and help you understand your options. What’s more, they’ll proactively examine what changes to the tax code might mean for both your small business and for personal income tax preparation, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

How KPMG Spark Tax Prep Can Benefit Your Business

Investing in quality tax preparation is one of the wisest decisions you can make when it comes to managing a small business. Here are just a few of the benefits KPMG Spark tax prep clients enjoy:

Save Time

Keeping your bookkeeping and tax preparation under one roof can equate to a substantial time savings. Because your KPMG Spark team is already familiar with your books and your business, hours spent updating your CPA on the unique intricacies of your business are a thing of the past.

Save Money

When your tax prep team is an extension of your bookkeeping team, your KPMG Spark CPA is looking out for you year round. They’ll help you make wise decisions throughout the year to avoid spending more than you need to on your annual tax returns.

Be More Strategic

Your dedicated KPMG Spark CPA has access to tax code specialists, both nationally and in your individual state. They use this information to proactively help your business be ready for whatever changes lay ahead.

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Tax Preparation FAQ

How is KPMG Spark different from other tax preparation services near me?

KPMG Spark CPAs have access to a global organization of tax professionals, as well as a think tank on Capitol Hill that keeps tabs on changes to the US tax code. They use this data to help your business make more strategic decisions throughout the year. KPMG Spark CPAs meet with you virtually, and are available to answer your questions via phone or text during business hours.

Will I have a dedicated tax CPA?

Yes, you will have access to a CPA just as you would working individually with a tax preparer, but your KPMG Spark CPA will already be familiar with your books.

Are the people who prepare my taxes the same people who manage my books?

Your bookkeeper has access to CPA support, but your CPA will function as an additional member of your KPMG Spark team.

Does KPMG Spark also file personal income tax returns?

Yes, we can prepare both personal and business tax returns for KPMG Spark clients.

Does KPMG Spark handle quarterly tax returns?

Yes, we can prepare all of your required needs for tax preparation.

Does KPMG Spark handle my state returns?

Yes, we can prepare returns for all 50 states in the US.

Additional services are also available, including: